How to register and submit contributions

Prospective speakers are invited to submit contributions, in the form of two-page abstracts, on any of the Conference topics. Registration and submission of abstracts should be electronic. Registration does not oblige the contributors to pay any fees until their two-page abstracts are accepted. To be registered as a participant for the Conference, please do the following:


If you are not registered1. You need to enter your personal information in the form. Choose your own login and password and save it.

2. Then you will be able to complete the information regarding your contribution and send it (as if it were an attachment to an e-mail).
Only .pdf files can be uploaded.

At least one of the authors has to register during the advance registration period in order for the oral presentation of a contribution to be scheduled in the final program of the conference.
 If you are registeredEnter the site using your login and password.
Proceed as indicated above.